World War 2 Adventure Series

War, strife, deception and acts of revenge against a series of Nazi war crimes - all combine to make this one of the most memorable and thought-provoking World War 2 series in recent times.

These adventure novels from neurosurgeon-novelist Fredrik Nath are compelling, highly readable, and provide an immersive escape into a tumultous period in French history. Though the stories are independent of each other, readers will become familiar with the characters throughout the series. This triptych of character-based fiction begins with The Cyclist (the Historical Novels Society editor's choice) and it explores how a deeply religious man might have dealt with the issues of the times. The second book Farewell, Bergerac is about how a tormented literary, educated man overcomes his grief and sadness in war-torn Aquitaine as he reluctantly joins the fight for his home. The third book Francesca Pascal is about an artist, how she fares during the occupation, and how she learns to fight back.

In the author's own words:

In the market square in Bergerac is a monument – a tall stone column. It is inscribed with quotations from De Gaulle and is dedicated to the local partisans who gave their lives for ‘La France’. On a trip to Bergerac I was moved by it and felt their efforts were worthy of remembrance. Whether my efforts are worthy of those brave people is of course, not for me to say. The books are character-based fiction and adventures all based on my view of the occupation of Aquitaine by a cruel invader. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Three more books follow – a medical student, a German Heer soldier and a fat chef all of whom have their own tales to tell.


The Evil That Men Do - by Fredrik Nath
Historical Fiction
Not everyone in 1930s Germany toed the Nazi line. For some, like Rolf Schmidt, the dogma and philosophy of the cataclysmic changes taking place caused only revulsion. After the fall of France he is stationed in Paris, a world of resistance, betrayal and oppression and he has choices to make, men to kill and a woman to win.
THE EVIL THAT MEN DO is Fredrik Nath's latest World War II blockbuster.
The Fat Chef - A Wartime novel, by Fredrik Nath
Historical Fiction

1940, Paris falls to the occupying Germans. Raoul, Head Chef of Le Metro, the top hotel of Paris, is nonchalant. After all, he need only wait for Pétain to make peace, and everything will return to normal. Then he can get on with life, and admire his demi-sous chef, Natalie, with unrequited love.

Francesca Pascal - A World War II Drama
Historical Fiction

Inspired by a true story, Francesca Pascal is a compelling World War II adventure from the bestselling author of Farewell Bergerac, The Cyclist and Galdir: A Slave's Tale.
France, 1942: A Nazi Officer steals a Matisse painting which becomes a symbol of freedom against the oppressors.

Farewell Bergerac: A World War II Thriller
Historical Fiction

Nazi-occupied Aquitaine, 1943:
François Dufy, alcoholic and alone, is dragged into the war effort when he rescues a young Jewish girl from the Nazi Security Police. She breathes life into his world and gives him a reason to go on

Dufy begins a path of revenge on the occupying Germans. A sniper in the Great War, he uses his skills to devastating effect, always posing as the town drunk.

The Cyclist - A World War II Thriller
Historical Fiction

Nazi-occupied Aquitaine, 1943:
A young woman is found murdered in the shadow of the Bergerac Prefecture. Auguste Ran, Assistant Chief of Police, suspects Brunner, a German Security Police Major, of the crime. The more Auguste investigates, the more obsessed he becomes with bringing down the seemingly untouchable Brunner.