"Virtual Reality for publishers" article by Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn's article for The Bookseller this week suggests that Inkflash is heading in the right direction. Although VR does have its detractors (like any breakthrough technology), the prospect of online virtual shopping is set to be massive; essentially a new medium for exploring and consuming information, and making purchases. Publishers and authors alike can only benefit from this new way to market their books. That's easier said than done, of course - except that this technology already exists, right here - and the best thing is, the 3D/VR all runs in a web browser.

If you're an author and are wondering how to be part of this immersive new medium, it just starts with a simple email. For a mere £10/month (or USD $15) we'll design a 3D room to house your books, and link it up with a growing community of authors and readers. It really couldn't be easier!

(That email, by the way: matt@inkflash.com)

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