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Dog Days - Tales From an American Road Trip
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The high-visibility vested Dog employee stood in the doorway again, making herself as large as possible. She was large.
‘It is time to board the bus,’ she yelled. ‘Board the bus. Ensure you do so in an orderly fashion, following the yellow line. You must follow the yellow line.’
‘A few of this mob should be quite used to that,’ I mumbled to Lucy.
‘Follow the yellow line,’ the employee added for clarity.
‘This is the last time,’ Lucy said.
I nodded and we walked up the steps and onto the Dog.

Wedlocked - A (Not-So) Humorous Guide for the Matrimonially Challenged Man
Travel and Recreation

In Wedlocked, Alexander Valley has created a mosaic of life’s little ironies, interspersed with all the mystery, intrigue, romance and adventure expected from any self-analysis guide examining the eternal battle between the sexes.

Want to know the three essential ingredients to survive in a modern relationship?

Santa Monica - Jewel of the Left Coast
Travel and Recreation


The first in a new series of interactive travel guides, exclusive to iBooks, Jewel of the Left Coast showcases a town that's a hit with visitors and long-term residents alike. Featuring spectacular photography of Santa Monica beach, Pier and Palisades Park.

Follow the Band - A Fan's-Eye View of USC Trojan Football
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