Susie Pilkington-Wood


Susie Pilkington-Wood has worked within the medical profession all her adult life. Now she lives most of the time in France with her husband. There she enjoys life relaxing on their small farm, and of course writing epic new fantasy tales.



A spellbinding fantasy tale of warring demons, imperfect angels, spiritual transcendence and possessed cats

Last year alone, over 300 coma patients' souls went wandering.

Colandra has the opposite problem: he’s lost his body. Somewhere, he believes, it’s locked in a coma.

And the demon Lars will do everything in his power to stop Colandra taking it. But Lars is so busy with his plans of world domination that he fails to notice the troupe of angels lining up to stop him - and his own servant, Vorce, quietly gaining power to achieve his own plan - to take over the universe.

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Colandra's Crusade by Susie Pilkington-Wood