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Stanley Salmons was born in Clapton, East London and was educated at St. Marylebone Grammar School. He went to Imperial College London with a Royal Scholarship, graduated in Physics, and went on to gain a D.I.C. in Electronics and Communications. A Master’s Degree in Physiology at University College London was followed by a Ph.D. in anatomy and appointments at the University of Birmingham, Harvard Medical School, and a Chair at the University of Liverpool, where he is currently Emeritus Professor. He lives in North Wales with his wife, Paula, a physician and artist. They have three children and eight grandchildren.


Stanley is internationally known for his work in the fields of biomedical engineering and muscle physiology, published in over two hundred papers and nine books. Although still actively contributing to the real world of research, he maintains a parallel existence as a fiction writer, in which he can draw from his broad scientific experience. He has written over forty short stories, which have appeared in anthologies and been serialised in magazines. This is his third novel.

Also by Stanley Salmons:

Footprints in the Ash
UKA Press, 2008

Rickshaw Publishing, 2013


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Stanley Salmons


A military conspiracy

One man holds the key to exposing deceit and treachery at the highest level of the nation. He must work alone and trust nobody. But there’s a problem. He’s just been executed...

Stanley Salmons weaves a dark near-future story that is as intriguing as it is original.

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The Domino Man - A Military Conspiracy, by Stanley Salmons
If you could be in two places at once... what crime would you commit first?


Shunned by the scientific community for being ahead of his time... brilliant maverick Rodge Dukas works in a damp Victorian basement surrounded by powerful transmitters; in the centre of the makeshift lab is a copper mesh cage. This haphazard array of wires and instruments has the power to transform civilisation. But when Rodge's old student friend Mike Barrett turns up, they realise that Rodge's invention can be used to carry out the perfect crime.


The Man in Two Bodies is available now in Kindle and paperback editions:

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The Man in Two Bodies - a novel of science, betrayal and bank heists