Smallworld Series

These star-spangled space romps from Hugo-nominated author Dominic Green (a regular favourite in SF magazine Interzone) have been compared to works by Douglas Adams, Stanislaw Lem, Terry Pratchett, Robert Sheckley, Grant Naylor, and just about everyone and everything in between. Green's books fall into the 'love it or hate it' category, but those who enjoy his brand of absurdist wit and intellectual mind-warps become almost fanatical about his books.

On Amazon, one reviewer - going by the name "Big Dumb Weirdo" - had this to say:

I could probably gush for hours about how much I loved this sequel, but I'll skip right to the heart of the matter. Humor, elegant prose, witty characters and a wittier author all contribute to one of the best reads I've had in a while.


Littlestar by Dominic Green
Science Fiction and Fantasy

Praise for Smallworld by Dominic Green:

"A showcase for Green's bone-dry satire and deadpan humour ... Green's agile imagination constantly wrong-foots the reader. A delight."
-Peter Ingham, The Telegraph

"The work of a talented writer having lots of very smart fun"
-- S F Winser,

Smallworld: A Science Fiction Adventure Comedy
Science Fiction and Fantasy

Mount Ararat, a world the size of an asteroid yet with Earth-standard gravity, plays host to a strangely confident family whose children are protected by the Devil, a mechanical killing machine, from such passers-by as Mr von Trapp (an escapee from a penal colony), the Made (manufactured humans being hunted by the State), and the super-rich clients of a gravitational health spa established at Mount Ararat's South Pole.