Search without a thought or a care!

Website development is often about a steady series of incremental improvements. For example, until very recently our Search box had two personalities. You could search rooms or books: and click a button to indicate which. The trouble is, no-one realised this! So the Search box is now much simpler: you can search for anything, and we return combined search results containing both books and rooms.

It's like an example straight out of the classic web-design book Don't Make Me Think, by Steve Krug. Any time a website asks visitors to stop and make a choice, it loses some visitors. So the new Search box, in effect, does the thinking for you.

We have many more improvements - both incremental steps and huge leaps - on the way, as Inkflash steadily gets better and better. Stay tuned!

(By the way, Don't Make Me Think can be found in our Computing room, along with a carefully chosen selection of books on web development and other Computing subjects).

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