Publishing Soon: Dog Days - Tales From an American Road Trip

The high-visibility vested Dog employee stood in the doorway again, making herself as large as possible. She was large.
‘It is time to board the bus,’ she yelled. ‘Board the bus. Ensure you do so in an orderly fashion, following the yellow line. You must follow the yellow line.’
‘A few of this mob should be quite used to that,’ I mumbled to Lucy.
‘Follow the yellow line,’ the employee added for clarity.
‘This is the last time,’ Lucy said.
I nodded and we walked up the steps and onto the Dog.

Andrew Thompson's Dog Days is a lively account of a three-month road trip that the author and his girlfriend Lucy took around the United States. They drove 15,000 miles around 45 states, by car and Greyhound bus, known as the ‘Dog’ by the fearsome locals who ride it.

Andrew is the author of Why Skies are Blue and Parrots Talk and Why Do Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets? In 2009 he wrote the novel The Hemingway Solution - which asks what would have become of Ernest Hemingway if the famous author hadn't killed himself.

Praise for Dog Days:

"Ace book. Carefully observed and very funny... and dark at the same time. Dog Days drew me in 100 per cent."
- Graham Johnson, author of Hack, Powder Wars, The Devil, The Cartel, and Druglord.

Dog Days will be available on Kindle in just a few days, and in paperback soon after that. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to be notified as soon as the book's available!

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