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UPDATE: This multimedia celebration of USC Trojans football is now available on iTunes.

Fredrik Nath's intensely popular Roman war & adventure novel Galdir - A Slave's Tale is now available on the Apple iBookstore. (And about time too - yes, I know, I know!)

Fredrik Nath's sequel to Galdir: A Slave's Tale will be released on Kindle within a matter of days. The adventuring warlord heads north and faces the Romans at Hadrian's Wall.

North of the Wall, hostile Celtic tribes rule their kingdoms and their attacks on the Romans become increasingly fierce.

The books can be read independently (although A Slave's Tale takes place before the events in Rebel of the North, and is a great book in its own right, so it does make sense to read it first).

Francesca Pascal is the hotly anticipated new book from Fingerpress regular Fred Nath, the bestselling author of Farewell Bergerac, The Cyclist and Galdir: A Slave's Tale.

Inspired by the true story of the theft of Matisse's Le Mur Rose during the War, this is the third in Fred's World War II Adventure series, and features some of the same characters, though it can be read 'standalone' as a novel in its own right.

Inspired by a true story, Francesca Pascal is the latest World War 2 adventure novel from the prolific Fred Nath, and it's due out in paperback on the 20th September. Kindle readers will be able to read it even sooner.

France, 1942: A Nazi Officer steals a Matisse painting which becomes a symbol of freedom against the oppressors.

Our second book announcement in as many days is for this sharp-edged SF novel set on a paradoxical asteroid, where the human inhabitants lead a precarious existence, protected as they are by a homicidal robot (the Devil), which harbours a dark and sinister secret.

Smallworld is written by celebrated short-story writer Dominic Green, who among other things was nominated for a Hugo Award, for his story The Clockwork Atom Bomb. Interzone published a special issue devoted to Dominic and his stories in July 2009.

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