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Available on Kindle, Night Terrors is a short story prequel to Laura Treacy Bentley's tense psychological thriller The Silver Tattoo.

Night Terrors transports us back to 1970s Ireland when Conor was just 3 years old. A doctor assures Conor’s mother that the dreams that torment her son are harmless and short lived, but she’s not so sure. She worries that her only child, her perfectly normal son, may see beyond his years.

If you're looking for a book on Virtual Reality, it seems apt somehow to shop for one in an actual VR bookstore... so try this one for size.

This new Inkflash category room includes a selection of visionary books on the near future of VR, plus classics from back when VR meant a crackling VHS copy of The Lawnmower Man; and of course a decent selection of SF novels with Virtual Reality at their core.

As you may have noticed, every book has its own dedicated Book Details page on Inkflash (like this one for Eckhard Tolle's highly inspirational life-changer A New Earth). There's an increasing amount of info on each page, including book trailer videos and reviews gathered from all around the Web. The latest addition is a message forum (courtesy of Disqus). This will allow authors to engage more closely with their readers; and of course for readers to chat with others who have read the same book.

Website development is often about a steady series of incremental improvements. For example, until very recently our Search box had two personalities. You could search rooms or books: and click a button to indicate which. The trouble is, no-one realised this! So the Search box is now much simpler: you can search for anything, and we return combined search results containing both books and rooms.

There's always such a lot going on here with exciting new 3D features and events, and we wanted a way to keep you up-to-date with them all. So, long overdue as it is, Inkflash now has its own news page. We also show the latest two news items on the front page, just beneath the fold.

Joanna Penn's article for The Bookseller this week suggests that Inkflash is heading in the right direction. Although VR does have its detractors (like any breakthrough technology), the prospect of online virtual shopping is set to be massive; essentially a new medium for exploring and consuming information, and making purchases. Publishers and authors alike can only benefit from this new way to market their books.

For all the authors out there: Now that you know how to write a book, how to get a book published, how to become an author, how to start a book, how to start writing a book, you need to know how to market a book, and how to promote a book.

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