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It's been a long wait, but the Kindle edition of Stanley Salmons' military conspiracy thriller The Domino Man is now available. First released in paperback, The Domino Man has already received enthusiastic reviews from readers who love taut, fast-paced thrillers.

Here are the direct links to the Kindle editions for UK and USA readers:

Just released on Kindle, and available in paperback, Kobo, Nook and iBooks editions in a few days, AMULET - THE CAUCASUS CAMPAIGN mixes epic Roman conquest with the intriguing plot of an orphan-turned-footsoldier. The story sweeps from brutal sea and land battles to the power struggles of conniving Centurions and a dangerous dalliance with the lonely Queen of a conquered nation. Fans of Fredrik Nath's Galdir series won't be disappointed.

The latest World War II novel from Fredrik Nath, The Evil That Men Do, is now available in Kindle and paperback editions.

Although it's a standalone novel, regular readers will instantly recognise characters and locations from Fred's previous books.

A world of resistance, betrayal and oppression

‘Ace book. Carefully observed and very funny ... and dark at the same time. Dog Days drew me in 100 percent’
- Graham Johnson, author of Hack, Powder Wars, and Druglord

Stanley Salmons' science fiction crime caper is available - as of late last night - in its Kindle edition. It'll be available in paperback early next week.

Shunned by the scientific establishment, brilliant maverick Rodge Dukas works in a damp basement surrounded by outlandish equipment. His discovery could propel humanity to a new Golden Age. But his student friend Mike Barrett has other ideas - they can use it to make themselves incredibly rich. The ensuing crime spree has the police baffled.

The high-visibility vested Dog employee stood in the doorway again, making herself as large as possible. She was large.
‘It is time to board the bus,’ she yelled. ‘Board the bus. Ensure you do so in an orderly fashion, following the yellow line. You must follow the yellow line.’
‘A few of this mob should be quite used to that,’ I mumbled to Lucy.
‘Follow the yellow line,’ the employee added for clarity.
‘This is the last time,’ Lucy said.
I nodded and we walked up the steps and onto the Dog.

It's been a long wait, but we're now offering Greta van der Rol's haunting narrative of the 'Batavia' shipwreck, in a Kindle edition.

To Die a Dry Death tells the true story of the shipwreck of the Dutch merchant vessel Batavia. The barbaric aftermath could so easily have been the template for William Golding's Lord of the Flies.

Publishing soon: The Man in Two Bodies by Stanley Salmons; a "science run amok" psychological thriller that's also a cross between Ocean's Eleven and The Fly.

The Fat Chef is a wartime novel of unrequited love, Nazi occupation and a rather suspect béchamel sauce. It's the latest in the popular World War 2 series of novels from Fingerpress regular Fredrik Nath.

The book's just been released on Kindle, and will be available in paperback from the April 5th (i.e. the day after tomorrow, depending when you read this).


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