Michelle Bellon interviewed by Wise Bear Books

Michelle Bellon talks to Wise Bear BooksMichelle Bellon, author of Embracing You, Embracing Me (available in paperback and ebook from Fingerpress) talks to Wise Bear Books, in their 'Up to Speed with Digital Media' show on Blog Talk Radio. Michelle has some wise words on the subjects of digital publishing, working with small presses, and the allure and inherent difficulties of self-publishing.

I think my favourite quote from the interview was this one, talking about the narrative techniques used in Embracing:

The people who are going to succeed in this early wave of digital publishing are the ones who don't follow the herd - and I mean that on both the publishing and the creative sides.

The interview is still available to listen to in full, over at Blog Talk Radio.

Embracing You, Embracing Me won the 2012 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Young Adult Fiction. It's available now in paperback, and in Kindle, iBooks and Kobo editions.

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