Michelle Bellon


Born in Boise, Idaho in August of 1976, Michelle Bellon has had three novels published, and is hard at work on her fourth. Embracing You, Embracing Me, published by Fingerpress, won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best Young Adult fiction (Summer 2012).

Michelle was raised by her loving mother and devoted grandmother who she claims is her biggest role model. Throughout her childhood she was stubborn, precocious and full of big dreams for her future. She dedicated much of her time to pursuing a career as a ballerina, but as she grew into a young woman, that drive and energy evolved into raising a family. She earned her degree as a registered nurse in 2005, but found herself back in the home a few years later when she and her husband welcomed their fourth child into the world and so began her writing career. Michelle now lives in Washington with her husband and their four children.

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Michelle Bellon


A Coming-of-Age Romance, 1990s Style

Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Young Adult fiction, 2012

"A perfect glimpse into America’s other half"
- HaveUHeard Celebrity News

The 90s - home of boy bands, individualism, teenage angst, ultra skinny models, and "Whatever!"...

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Embracing You, Embracing Me, by Michelle Bellon