The Man in Two Bodies - available now on Kindle

Stanley Salmons' science fiction crime caper is available - as of late last night - in its Kindle edition. It'll be available in paperback early next week.

Shunned by the scientific establishment, brilliant maverick Rodge Dukas works in a damp basement surrounded by outlandish equipment. His discovery could propel humanity to a new Golden Age. But his student friend Mike Barrett has other ideas - they can use it to make themselves incredibly rich. The ensuing crime spree has the police baffled.

So why do we find Mike attending a memorial service for Rodge? And where is Suzy, Mike's girlfriend, who showed rather too much affection for their 'mad scientist' housemate?

THE MAN IN TWO BODIES is intriguing, lively SF that will have you questioning the integrity of society, science... and solid objects.

The Man in Two Bodies is available now on Kindle:

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The paperback edition will be released February 17th.

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