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Inkflash Virtual Reality website for everyone who loves books

Launched in November/December 2014, Virtual Reality bookstore Inkflash is a Virtual Reality (VR), socially connected website for everyone who loves to read and collect books. “Early adopter” publishers and authors are welcome to hop on board and use this immersive platform to really make your books stand out. The site runs in any modern, WebGL-enabled web browser.

Check out this video for a decent taster of what’s in store:


Inkflash is highly social and open to everyone - readers, authors, publishers, book buyers, book sellers, and anyone in between. In particular though, it’s about bringing books closer to the people who love reading them.

Inkflash is a vast labyrinth of interconnected rooms (or “book caves”). Anyone will be able to set up a room/cave via a drag-and-drop editor and fill it with books of their choice.

Currently the site’s in a closed beta stage while we iron out the last few bugs; we’ll be moving to “open beta” very soon.

Follow our Twitter page for updates, and to find out when Inkflash goes live; or sign up for our mailing list (see the link below).

Are you an author or publisher?

If you’d like to have a VR presence on the site when it goes live - free of charge - please get in contact. We would also value your feedback and any feature requests.

Inkflash is brought to you by Fingerpress (fine publisher of Science Fiction and Historical Fiction novels). Inkflash design and development by Matt Stephens:  Twitter  LinkedIn

Complement your social media marketing strategy with Inkflash

While a thoroughly rounded social media strategy is effective, there’s the danger that your voice will simply be drowned out by the crowds. So it pays to keep an eye on fresh new ways to engage with your readers, while growing your readership.

Inkflash launches later this month, but authors can sign up right now, in order to have a presence on the site when it launches. Each author has one or more 3D “book rooms”, each with its own URL that can be bookmarked, shared and ‘liked’. Rooms can be linked via doorways, so co-operating authors can cross-promote their rooms in an entirely new way. Inkflash can also read and update your Twitter and Facebook feeds, helping you take your social media marketing into a new dimension.

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