Inkflash - Virtual Reality books community [Press Release]

Friday, July 4, 2014
For Immediate Release


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Matt Stephens –


Launching at the end of July, is a social network for book lovers. It combines elements of Goodreads and Wordpress with a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) interface; and it all runs in a web browser.


3-minute demo video:
Main site:


The site's goal is to provide an immersive platform on which publishers and authors can market their products. It represents a way for authors to make their books really stand out. As the site grows, it’ll become an organic network of interconnected rooms linked by doorways, like a sprawling library; an engaging way to stumble upon new rooms, discover books, and find online communities of VR-toting book readers.


Authors can tailor their own rooms via a simple drag-and-drop editor, to make the room match the style of their books.


The site's creator Matt Stephens told us: "Inkflash combines my two main passions of publishing and computer programming. It began in concept as a 3D Bookshop, but it quickly progressed to being more of a 3D Wordpress for authors. It's a pretty exciting new way to showcase books."


Matt’s written four books on software design (all published by Apress), and founded London-based book publisher Fingerpress.



Inkflash is:

An immersive Virtual Reality (VR) platform that allows publishers and authors to showcase their books in the best possible light


Vast catacombs of interconnected 3D rooms (or "book caves") packed with books


A book marketing platform - publishers and authors can customise rooms containing their own books, and kit out the rooms with promotional material


A way of hosting book launch events and chat sessions online (you can fit a lot more people into a "virtual" space than a physical room!)


Social - it's integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allowing individual rooms, books, reviews etc to be "liked" and cross-promoted


A review aggregator - Inkflash crawls the web for book reviews from pre-authenticated sources - book blogs, review sites, newspapers & journals; and presents review summaries for each book. It follows the ethos that information reduction is good (presenting a sharp, accurate summary so users can make informed book-buying decisions). It'll also allow people to post short & sweet Twitter one-line reviews, which it displays next to the relevant book.


Portable - the site, including the 3D/VR, can be viewed in any modern web browser (best results are currently in Chrome, Safari and Opera), without requiring a browser plugin. Ubiquity across all platforms and devices is our long-term goal. We also have Oculus VR headset support in the works


Secure and authenticated - users can set the visibility level of their rooms - public, private, or visible only to select groups




3-minute demo video:
Main site:


For press images, interviews etc, please contact:
Matt Stephens –


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