Inkflash news is in the news

There's always such a lot going on here with exciting new 3D features and events, and we wanted a way to keep you up-to-date with them all. So, long overdue as it is, Inkflash now has its own news page. We also show the latest two news items on the front page, just beneath the fold.

The news page is actually a combined Inkflash and Fingerpress feed (Fingerpress is the London-based indie publisher that founded and runs Inkflash); so - for anyone who might be wondering - the news actually originates on Fingerpress, and propagates over to the Inkflash page.

You can also see the same news feed inside the Fingerpress 3D room. It gets around!

Don't forget you can also catch Inkflash on Twitter (@InkflashVR), where you'll often see screenshots of the latest author and publisher rooms to grace the ol' 3D books labyrinth.

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