Inkflash - revolutionary new Virtual Reality books website - has launched

After a year in development, Virtual Reality (VR) books website (brought to you by Fingerpress) has just opened for business. It’s like the love child of Goodreads and Wordpress, with an engaging 3D VR interface; and it all runs in a web browser, without requiring additional software.


Inkflash is all about exploring a 3D world and discovering new books and authors. Visitors can wander from a traditional-looking library to a “room” on the surface of Mars, and from there to a small island in the South Pacific. Each room is themed and has its own sense of character, so visitors get a real sense of exploration - finding out what surprises are through the next door.


Site creator Matt Stephens said, “One of my favourite features is the ability to tweet a room photo” (in any 3D room, right-click and click the Share button; simple as that). Additionally, publishers/authors who’ve signed up can embed their VR room onto their own website - just like embedding a YouTube video - with just a few lines of cut & pasted HTML.


Authors can also show Twitter or RSS feeds and videos projected onto a wall in their 3D room. The effect is like seeing their book trailer on a big cinema screen.


Another great feature is the “activity aggregator” (or “review trawler”, as it’s known to the development team). Inkflash crawls the web for book reviews, author interviews, book trailer videos etc, from pre-approved sources – book blogs, review sites, newspapers & journals; and presents a review summary for each book. It gives visitors an instant feel of whether a book is for them or not (rather than someone else’s personal 1-star or 5-star rating), a sort of Internet zeitgeist.


If you're an author or publisher and would like to be featured on the site, please email:



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