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Remember back when movies transformed from classic black-and-white to panavision, vistavision, and technicolor?

That's the sort of revolution that's happening right now with travel books. The amount of computing horsepower and internet connectivity available in mobile reading devices like the iPad and Kindle Fire are making it possible to deliver an entirely new level of "being there" experience to the reader, combined with a pre-researched destination guide that lets readers use local-expert knowledge to help choose restaurants, hotels, and places to visit.

The "vocabulary" available to a travel writer in 2012 includes video clips, interactive map widgets, embedded photogalleries, embedded websites, embedded YouTube videos, full-screen Virtual Tour panoramas, and external links to restaurant reviews, hotel photos and historical references. When combined with compelling panoramic photography and local expertise, the result is an entirely new kind of reading experience.


Doug Rosenberg founded ICONIX ( in his living room in 1984 and, after several years of building CASE tools, began training companies in object oriented analysis and design around 1990. ICONIX specializes in training for UML and SysML, and offers both on-site and open-enrollment courses. Doug developed a Unified Booch/ Rumbaugh/Jacobson approach to modeling in 1993, several years before the advent of UML, and began writing books around 1995.

ICONIX Process Roadmaps is Doug’s seventh book on software engineering, following Design Driven Testing, Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: Theory and Practice, Agile Development with ICONIX Process and Extreme Programming Refactored: The Case Against XP (all four co-authored with Matt Stephens), and two previous “Use Case Driven” books for Addison-Wesley, co-authored with Kendall Scott.

He’s also authored numerous multimedia tutorials, including Enterprise Architect for Power Users, and several eBooks, including Embedded Systems Development with SysML.

When he's not writing or teaching, he enjoys shooting panoramic, virtual reality (VR) photography, which you can see on his travel website,

Doug Rosenberg


Designed specifically for an Internet-connected iPad, this book has capabilities that ordinary travel books don't even dream about.


The first in a new series of interactive travel guides, exclusive to iBooks, Jewel of the Left Coast showcases a town that's a hit with visitors and long-term residents alike. Featuring spectacular photography of Santa Monica beach, Pier and Palisades Park.

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Santa Monica - Jewel of the Left Coast
A multimedia celebration of the history and traditions of Trojan football


Follow the Band - USC Trojans football, by Doug Rosenberg
Tales from the coding-room floor

Do you sometimes feel like you're working in an IT sweatshop - or worse, a hamster gym with 30-day sprints, regular unnecessary customer releases and institutionalised overtime when it's "crunch time"?

Is your office starting to resemble a maze with a small lump of cheese at the end?

Does your team emphasize refactoring and "emergent design" (aka code-rewrite-discard) over up-front design (aka thinking ahead)?

Is the unit-testing holy grail of "100% code coverage" revered over the concept of delivering working software to the paying customer?

Hamster Driven Development
Step-by-step guidance for SysML, BPM, SOA, embedded, and algorithm-intensive systems

Software development can go in many different directions...

The ICONIX Process has a long track record of helping companies avoid analysis paralysis on a multitude of projects, and is best suited for developing web and GUI-based systems. But what if your project has some other complexities? What if you're modeling business processes, or developing with web services, or designing an embedded hardware/software system?

Answer: Use one (or more) of the process roadmaps in this book!

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ICONIX Process Roadmaps by Doug Rosenberg