Hamster Driven Development

Do you sometimes feel like you're working in an IT sweatshop - or worse, a hamster gym with 30-day sprints, regular unnecessary customer releases and institutionalised overtime when it's "crunch time"?

Is your office starting to resemble a maze with a small lump of cheese at the end?

Does your team emphasize refactoring and "emergent design" (aka code-rewrite-discard) over up-front design (aka thinking ahead)?

Is the unit-testing holy grail of "100% code coverage" revered over the concept of delivering working software to the paying customer?

ICONIX Process Roadmaps by Doug Rosenberg

Software development can go in many different directions...

The ICONIX Process has a long track record of helping companies avoid analysis paralysis on a multitude of projects, and is best suited for developing web and GUI-based systems. But what if your project has some other complexities? What if you're modeling business processes, or developing with web services, or designing an embedded hardware/software system?

Answer: Use one (or more) of the process roadmaps in this book!

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