Book reader's club

As you may have noticed, every book has its own dedicated Book Details page on Inkflash (like this one for Eckhard Tolle's highly inspirational life-changer A New Earth). There's an increasing amount of info on each page, including book trailer videos and reviews gathered from all around the Web. The latest addition is a message forum (courtesy of Disqus). This will allow authors to engage more closely with their readers; and of course for readers to chat with others who have read the same book.

The forums are primarily for people who have already read the book and want to chat about it, so they differ in that sense from, say, Amazon reviews. As such, they come with a mild "spoiler warning". However, if you haven't yet read a particular book and have a question, feel free to ask away on its Inkflash page! Who knows, the author might even jump in with a reply.

To find a book, simply paste its ISBN or title into the Search box, and getting talking with like-minded readers...

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