Barbarian Warlord Saga

Galdir - Protector of Rome by Fredrik Nath
Historical Fiction

His life in tatters, the nation over which he presided now annexed by Rome, Galdir returns to the city from which he once escaped as a slave. But this time he’s no innocent boy, and he quickly rises to become bodyguard to Emperor Commodus. For in this den of thieves and scoundrels lies Galdir’s only hope of persuading the Senate to rescind the Roman fetters that hold his people.

Galdir - Rebel of the North, by Fredrik Nath
Historical Fiction

Although Galdir regards himself as a free man, he is still enslaved by his past - and his future. Unable to throw off the yoke of prediction, embittered by the defeat of his nation which has been annexed by Rome, and forced to serve the Roman Emperor as an auxiliary commander of cavalry on Hadrian's Wall, he faces increasingly fierce attacks from hostile Celtic tribes north of the Wall.

But in Galdir's volatile world such a precarious situation could never last for long.

Galdir - A Slave's Tale, by Fredrik Nath
Historical Fiction

The first volume in an epic series chronicling a Roman slave's escape and rise to become a Germanic warlord.

"Highly Commended"
in the Yeovil Literary Prize 2011