Michelle Bellon

Born in Boise, Idaho in August of 1976, Michelle Bellon has had three novels published, and is hard at work on her fourth. Embracing You, Embracing Me, published by Fingerpress, won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best Young Adult fiction (Summer 2012).

Michelle was raised by her loving mother and devoted grandmother who she claims is her biggest role model. Throughout her childhood she was stubborn, precocious and full of big dreams for her future. She dedicated much of her time to pursuing a career as a ballerina, but as she grew into a young woman, that drive and energy evolved into raising a family. She earned her degree as a registered nurse in 2005, but found herself back in the home a few years later when she and her husband welcomed their fourth child into the world and so began her writing career. Michelle now lives in Washington with her husband and their four children.

Michelle Bellon
Nancy DeRosa

Nancy DeRosa lives in Westchester, N.Y. with her husband, three children, and a Boston terrier named Rocky. She has had short stories published in literary journals and has published women’s fiction; There's No Place Like Home, and a children’s book Lazy Robert. Lazy Robert was chosen as one of the top ten books the Kaysville Elementary school district in Utah uses in their classrooms.

Currently, Nancy is working on her children’s series The Neighborhood Collection and a trilogy of women’s fiction, Food For Thought - First Course, Second Course and Just Desserts.

Nancy DeRosa
Dominic Green

Dominic Green has written several short stories for Interzone magazine, often in a satirical vein, and his story The Adventure of the Lost World appears on the BBC Cult TV website.

His story Send Me a Mentagram was picked for the prestigious Year's Best Science Fiction anthology in 2003, and The Clockwork Atom Bomb was nominated for a 2005 Hugo Award. Interzone published a special issue devoted to Dominic and his stories in July 2009.

Dominic Green
Chad Hautmann

Chad Hautmann was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and received an M.A. in creative writing from Florida State University. He is a part-time college English teacher and freelance writer whose work has appeared in a number of commercial and literary magazines and video documentaries.

Magic And Grace is his second novel. His first novel, Billie's Ghost, was published by Penguin Books in 2004. Chad lives in Naples, Florida, with his wife and two children.

Chad Hautmann
Heikki Hietala

Heikki Hietala is a Senior Lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He holds an M.A. in English Philology from the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, and has worked in IT and localization for more than 20 years. Heikki is also a keen writer of short stories, some of which have appeared in anthologies, e-zines and literary websites. All of his writing is in English, though his native language is Finnish. Tulagi Hotel began as a single idea and then went through 12 years of intensive research and background work. It has its roots in the author's deep interest in military history and popular culture. Heikki is a keen fan of British comedy and an avid Monty Python aficionado.

Heikki Hietala, author
Fredrik Nath

Fredrik Nath is a full time neurosurgeon. He lives in the northeast of England with his wife and daughter, his three sons having grown up and flown the coop. In his time, he has run twenty consecutive Great North Run half-marathons, trekked to 6000m in Nepal, crossed the highest mountain pass in the world and began writing, like John Buchan, "because he ran out of penny-novels to read and felt he should write his own." Fred loves a good story, which is why he writes.

If you're an aspiring author, we can recommend Fred's page on how to get published.

Fredrik Nath
Eric Ortlund

Eric Ortlund teaches Hebrew and biblical studies at Briercrest College and Seminary in Saskatchewan, Canada. He's fascinated by modern fantasy and horror and by ancient myth, and loves finding ways to interweave the two. His short fiction has appeared in The Midnight Diner and online at Mindflights and Fear and Trembling.

When he's not writing, he's reading Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman, playing with his two kids, and shooting his bow.

Susie Pilkington-Wood

Susie Pilkington-Wood has worked within the medical profession all her adult life. Now she lives most of the time in France with her husband. There she enjoys life relaxing on their small farm, and of course writing epic new fantasy tales.

Doug Rosenberg

Remember back when movies transformed from classic black-and-white to panavision, vistavision, and technicolor?

That's the sort of revolution that's happening right now with travel books. The amount of computing horsepower and internet connectivity available in mobile reading devices like the iPad and Kindle Fire are making it possible to deliver an entirely new level of "being there" experience to the reader, combined with a pre-researched destination guide that lets readers use local-expert knowledge to help choose restaurants, hotels, and places to visit.

The "vocabulary" available to a travel writer in 2012 includes video clips, interactive map widgets, embedded photogalleries, embedded websites, embedded YouTube videos, full-screen Virtual Tour panoramas, and external links to restaurant reviews, hotel photos and historical references. When combined with compelling panoramic photography and local expertise, the result is an entirely new kind of reading experience.


Doug Rosenberg founded ICONIX ( in his living room in 1984 and, after several years of building CASE tools, began training companies in object oriented analysis and design around 1990. ICONIX specializes in training for UML and SysML, and offers both on-site and open-enrollment courses. Doug developed a Unified Booch/ Rumbaugh/Jacobson approach to modeling in 1993, several years before the advent of UML, and began writing books around 1995.

ICONIX Process Roadmaps is Doug’s seventh book on software engineering, following Design Driven Testing, Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: Theory and Practice, Agile Development with ICONIX Process and Extreme Programming Refactored: The Case Against XP (all four co-authored with Matt Stephens), and two previous “Use Case Driven” books for Addison-Wesley, co-authored with Kendall Scott.

He’s also authored numerous multimedia tutorials, including Enterprise Architect for Power Users, and several eBooks, including Embedded Systems Development with SysML.

When he's not writing or teaching, he enjoys shooting panoramic, virtual reality (VR) photography, which you can see on his travel website,

Doug Rosenberg
Stanley Salmons

Stanley Salmons was born in Clapton, East London and was educated at St. Marylebone Grammar School. He went to Imperial College London with a Royal Scholarship, graduated in Physics, and went on to gain a D.I.C. in Electronics and Communications. A Master’s Degree in Physiology at University College London was followed by a Ph.D. in anatomy and appointments at the University of Birmingham, Harvard Medical School, and a Chair at the University of Liverpool, where he is currently Emeritus Professor. He lives in North Wales with his wife, Paula, a physician and artist. They have three children and eight grandchildren.


Stanley is internationally known for his work in the fields of biomedical engineering and muscle physiology, published in over two hundred papers and nine books. Although still actively contributing to the real world of research, he maintains a parallel existence as a fiction writer, in which he can draw from his broad scientific experience. He has written over forty short stories, which have appeared in anthologies and been serialised in magazines. This is his third novel.

Also by Stanley Salmons:

Footprints in the Ash
UKA Press, 2008

Rickshaw Publishing, 2013


Explore the author's books in a 3D Virtual Reality environment, in your web browser.


Stanley Salmons