Andrew Thompson


Born in Australia in 1972, Andrew Thompson lived and practised Law in London for 12 years, before embarking on a three year world tour that has taken him to 32 countries, including all of the habitable continents. He thought he knew a lot about America and its culture, but during a three-month road trip around the United States, he found it to be vastly different to what he expected.
Andrew has written two trivia books, Why Skies are Blue and Parrots Talk and Why Do Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets? (which was published in the USA as What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper?), as well as the novel, The Hemingway Solution. Spawned from the American road trip, Dog Days is his first travel memoir.

Andrew Thompson


The Grime of the Dog


The high-visibility vested Dog employee stood in the doorway again, making herself as large as possible. She was large.
‘It is time to board the bus,’ she yelled. ‘Board the bus. Ensure you do so in an orderly fashion, following the yellow line. You must follow the yellow line.’
‘A few of this mob should be quite used to that,’ I mumbled to Lucy.
‘Follow the yellow line,’ the employee added for clarity.
‘This is the last time,’ Lucy said.
I nodded and we walked up the steps and onto the Dog.

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Dog Days - Tales From an American Road Trip