Amulet begins a new Roman series by Fredrik Nath

Just released on Kindle, and available in paperback, Kobo, Nook and iBooks editions in a few days, AMULET - THE CAUCASUS CAMPAIGN mixes epic Roman conquest with the intriguing plot of an orphan-turned-footsoldier. The story sweeps from brutal sea and land battles to the power struggles of conniving Centurions and a dangerous dalliance with the lonely Queen of a conquered nation. Fans of Fredrik Nath's Galdir series won't be disappointed.

82 BC, the Roman senate hold sway over vast territories. But upheaval is on its way. The rise of Julius Caesar, the fall of the Republic and the far off troubles with Pontic adversary the great King Mithridates will change the face of the Roman world as no other events could. Against this tumultuous backdrop, Aulus Veridius Scapula holds the secret of unimaginable wealth hidden inside an amulet around his neck. When his parents are murdered for the amulet, he is orphaned on the streets of Rome, and turning to thievery, he is forced into the Ninth Legion. His journey takes him under the leadership of Legatus Lucullus to Sinope and Armenia. But on the way, he learns to love and defend the honour of his family name.

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