Tulagi Hotel - aerial dogfights over the South Pacific, from Heikki Hietala

Finnish author Heikki Hietala joins Fingerpress with his riproaring World War II novel Tulagi Hotel, set in the Pacific Solomon Islands.

The War is over, but for Marine pilot Jack McGuire, it's only just begun. Unable to adjust to post-war life, he buys a surplus Navy seaplane and heads for the South Pacific, where he sets up a colonial-style hotel on the island he used to fight over.

But his past soon catches up with him. A parade of war veterans float through the hotel, sending Jack hurtling back into dogfights over the Solomon Islands, as the story of his wartime life unfolds.

Then, out of the Pacific blue, he sees the former wife of his wingman, who was shot down in action. No-one even knew that womanizing fighter pilot Don had a wife, and her arrival in Jack's life changes everything.

TULAGI HOTEL is a gripping tale that weaves Jack's war-torn past with his turbulent present.

M Howard Morgan, author of the mighty fine First Fleet nautical adventure novel, describes Tulagi Hotel as "a must for any fan of military aviation."

Susanne O'Leary, author of Fresh Powder, says of Heikki's book: "Adventure, excitement, tragedy, romance and engaging characters, this novel has it all."

The book was previously published by Diiarts (UK) and Pfoxmoor (US), but Fingerpress has now picked up the global publication rights to this and Heikki's short story collection, Filtered Light.

Both books will be out on the Fingerpress label within a matter of weeks. Stay tuned for more details.

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