Nancy DeRosa Radio Guest Appearance

Fingerpress author Nancy DeRosa will be appearing on WVOX/WVIP radio 1460 AM this Friday, on Matt O'Shaughnessy's hugely popular Metal Mayhem show.

Nancy will be reading from her lively new novel A Penny's Worth, and chatting about the positive messages that can be drawn from the book, for example finding self worth from within despite all the obstacles life and people put in your way.

An Amazon reviewer summed the book up very nicely:

"A truly wonderful, uplifting story that make us realize that, like the little engine that could, we can all become exactly what we want to be."

The show goes out to Westchester, Long Island, Southern Connecticut, Queens and the Bronx, but you can also listen in live via the streaming audio widget on their website.

Tune in on Friday September 21st at 8 PM EDT.

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