Francesca Pascal - art theft, vengeance, and World War II intrigue

Inspired by a true story, Francesca Pascal is the latest World War 2 adventure novel from the prolific Fred Nath, and it's due out in paperback on the 20th September. Kindle readers will be able to read it even sooner.

France, 1942: A Nazi Officer steals a Matisse painting which becomes a symbol of freedom against the oppressors.

Francesca, an artist and conservator, grieving over the death of her daughter at the hands of German soldiers, flees Paris. She has only a handful of paintings and a desire for revenge she is ill-equipped to pursue.

In the long hard winter that follows, she joins a group of Partisans in their battle to free France and salvage her culture. She becomes embroiled in a plot to recover Le Mur Rose, the stolen painting. The painting becomes her reason for fighting and an opportunity for revenge upon the occupying force - a force for evil.

An unforgettable wartime tale of vengeance, art theft, and intrigue.

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