Richmond Park, Romania and 650 wild deer

15 Dec, 2011

We've got two wildly contrasting new travel articles at Fingerpress Travel: Deer Stalking in Richmond Park, and When in Romania by Malcolm J Walker.

The former is a walkabout tour around the famous, historic park in Southwest London:

Known by many as simply the quickest way to get from Hounslow to Wandsworth, anyone who pauses to look at the rolling landscape as they drive through Richmond Park quickly realises that this is far more than a convenient shortcut. They may even be tempted to leave their car at one of the park’s several designated car parks and take an impromptu walk through the 2500 acres of pastoral land. They’ll be rewarded with a tremendous sense of discovery as they stumble upon some of the park’s more surprising features – from the steep approach to historic White Lodge, to the unrivalled view across 10 miles of London’s rooftops to St Paul’s Cathedral.

On one such walk, I parked up at Stag Lodge on Priory Lane along the park’s southern perimeter, and walked north/northwest in search of the park’s 650 free roaming deer.

The latter article is a very nicely written travel guide about Romania's capital Bucharest, once known as The Paris of the East:

The Parisian influence soon becomes apparent. Built in 1922, Bucharest has its own Arc de Triomphe. By some quirk of fate or destiny, it is now in the middle of the main road from the airport to the city centre. So the visitor immediately has a sample of Bucharest’s colourful history and its cosmopolitan character.

This becomes more evident as wide, tree–lined boulevards enhance the route. It becomes impossible not to feel the culture of Bucharest as pavement cafés and restaurants appear.

Both travel guides can be read in full at Fingerpress Travel. Don't forget to vote up your favourite articles - by doing so, you're voting for which ones you'd like to be extended and included in a printed Travel Guide!

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