London Walks - our first 99 cent Kindle Walkabout Guide

Here's our first Walkabout mini-guide on Kindle: a London walking guide designed to take in the sights between Victoria Station and the Tower of London.

This ebook started out as a guide article on Fingerpress Travel, and has been extended with more details, photos and an "Explore More" section, all formatted for Kindle (and Kindle iPhone/Android app) screens.

One of the great things about London is the large number of world-class landmarks that are within reasonably close proximity to one another.

Part of our new Fingerpress Walkabout Guides series, this pictorial guide describes a walk from Victoria Station to the Tower of London. Along the way you'll discover Buckingham Palace, the Albert (a Victorian pub frequented by members of Parliament, where you can also see Queen Victoria's napkin and the Parliamentary Division Bell which is still used), the Churchill Museum and War Rooms, Nelson's Column, St Paul's Cathedral, the Monument to the Great Fire of London (more commonly known simply as "the monument"), and a host of other attractions within walking distance.

The ebook includes a route map and an Explore More section with handy links for further reading, venue opening times, nearest train and tube stations, and bus routes.

See London through the eyes of a photographer and travel writer, taking in some of London's most famous sights, and stopping off at some lesser-known but fascinating attractions along the way.

Fingerpress Walkabout Guides are part of a unique travel writing contest at the Fingerpress Travel website (, where the best writers will be featured in Travel Guide books.

Available now for 99 cents from, and 75p from

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