Angels and Demons Collide This August - Colandra's Quest by Susie Pilkington-Wood

Come to the free book launch event at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - August 7th, 5PM - and secure a limited pre-release edition signed by the author!!

Last year alone, over 300 coma patients' souls went wandering. Colandra has the opposite problem: he’s lost his body. Somewhere, he believes, it’s locked in a coma.

And the demon Lars will do everything in his power to stop Colandra taking it. But Lars is so busy with his plans of world domination that he fails to notice the troupe of angels lining up to stop him - and his own servant, Vorce, quietly gaining power to achieve his own plan - to take over the universe.

Meanwhile Colandra’s spirit is reintroduced to his soulmate Michelle from a previous life, and together they resolve to thwart Lars’ and Vorce’s plans - and in the process reunite Colandra with his body.

Colandra's Quest will be published in the second half of August. If you want to secure a limited edition pre-release copy, signed by the author, and see the author read from the book, Susie Pilkington-Wood will be at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe -- the Beehive Inn (Grassmarket), on Sunday August 7th at 5PM.

Entry is free - just turn up 15 mins before the show starts.

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