Publishing Soon: Smallworld

Our second book announcement in as many days is for this sharp-edged SF novel set on a paradoxical asteroid, where the human inhabitants lead a precarious existence, protected as they are by a homicidal robot (the Devil), which harbours a dark and sinister secret.

Smallworld is written by celebrated short-story writer Dominic Green, who among other things was nominated for a Hugo Award, for his story The Clockwork Atom Bomb. Interzone published a special issue devoted to Dominic and his stories in July 2009.

We're performing a bit of an experiment with Smallworld: we'll be providing the complete ebook version for free download (unshackled by DRM nastiness), in unencrypted PDF and epub formats. The ebook will be available from the same day as the print edition's release. Why would we do such a thing?? We're hoping that a large enough proportion of the people that see the ebook will want to own a print copy; and it's likely that more readers will discover the book if lots of people are forwarding it to their friends. At least, that's the theory... The success (or otherwise) of this little experiment will determine whether we do the same for other titles as well.

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