• Escape to another world

    Experience the unknowable, the disturbing and the downright weird with our Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

  • A Citrus Burst of Literary Goodness

    We're a young publishing company of writers working for writers. It's our aim to introduce sharp new writing talent to a digital world looking for the next great read.

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  • Galdir - a Roman war saga

    A Roman slave with a serpent tattoo uncovers his true barbarian identity... A battle for power among Frankish warlords leads to a mass exodus across the Rhine... In the background, the ageing witch Chlotsuintha predicts it all. Or is she the one pulling the strings to shape her people's future?
    Read excerpts from the Barbarian Warlord Saga

Stanley Salmons weaves a dark near-future story that is as intriguing as it is original.

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Who we are

We publish high quality fiction and non-fiction books. Our fiction has a sharp twist of citrus!

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This is why people should read stuff from indie publishers: you get the novel stylistic approaches and out-of-the-ordinary ideas that aren't straightforward or easily marketable.

- Booksquawk on Hugo-nominated author Dominic Green's Smallworld.